Cut-Off Wheels

Cut-Off Wheels
Gemini RightCut Right Angle Grinder Reinforced Cut-off Wheels Type 01 and Type 27 - are used on portable, guarded right angle grinders for numerous metal slotting and cut-off applications on bolts and studs, angle iron, tubing and sheet metal.

  • Quality aluminum oxide grain for consistent performance at a competitive price
  • Ideal for small jobs on a variety of metal applications from carbon to stainless steels
  • Unique reinforcement design provides safety, strength and straight cuts
  • Extra thin for quick cutting action and low kerf loss
  • .045 RightCut Type 27 has new iron-, sulfur-, and chlorine-free bond and new hubbed wheels for boosted performance: up to 30% longer life and faster cut rate
  • Used on portable, guarded right angle grinders